Jalan Technology Consulting Gains Addition to Its Catalog of 5-Star Reviews

Culture of Innovation Nov 08, 2021

A streamlined web development process improves the chances of building a successful business website. By having an organized development procedure, you follow all the necessary steps to increase your efficiency. But knowing how to plan and determine which aspects of the development process to prioritize takes time to learn. Fortunately, Jalan Technology Consulting is at your service to create a seamless and professional development plan for your team.

At Jalan Technology Consulting, we deliver highly productive development solutions to clients across industries. As a team of dedicated software engineers, we channel our expertise in creating unique digital products that have the power to bring a positive change to the world. We provide end-to-end solutions that guarantee the best results for your business.

Of course, we’re also working on continuously improving our services. As such, we’re excited to share with you our newest 5-star review on Clutch.

Jalan Technology Consulting Gains Addition to Its Catalog of 5-Star Reviews
Jalan Technology Consulting Gains Addition to Its Catalog of 5-Star Reviews

To give you a clearer understanding of why this is important to us, Clutch is B2B ratings and reviews platform that is hugely respected within the space for connecting small, mid-market, and enterprise businesses with service providers that fit their needs.

Clutch imbues the typical reviews process with a personal touch. Their analysts often speak with a company’s clients directly, gathering feedback that is insightful and offers a true window into a partnership with that firm. Clutch uses this research to organize the thousands of companies on the site into a directory with multiple shortlists, guiding buyers in their decision-making process.

Our latest 5-star rating was left by a dental support organization that hired us back in 2019. Our ongoing partnership with the client is rooted in their effort to build a seamless web application with a plethora of features that improve productivity for the client’s team. Here’s what they think about the results of our engagement:

“We have been able to grow our business relying on this application to deliver data analytics and payroll essential to operations.

I admire their excellent work ethic and very good communication skills.”

- CIO, Dental Support Organization

Feel free to check out the full review on our Clutch profile. Jalan Technology Consulting is also found on Top Design Firms, Clutch’s newest sister platform.

We can build amazing products together. Talk to us today to discover how.

What’s the biggest thing you’re struggling with right now that we as a technology consulting company can help you with? Feel free to reach out to us at info@jalantechnologies.com. We hope our assistance will help



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