How to Effectively Raise Funds and Give Partial Ownership on Blockchain

Technology of Future Dec 01, 2018
This article is part 1 of a 2 part series, you can find part 1 here: 4-key-components-to-build-fractional-ownership-on-the-blockchain

In the last few years, security tokens are getting a lot of attention to the blockchain community due to its unlimited bringing in the finance sector.

What Are Security Tokens?

In laymen terms, security tokens are just a unit or share in a distributed fund on the decentralized network. Security token represents an automated investment contract similar to traditional financial contracts. Fundamentally security tokens are different in terms of its regulatory process.

Security tokens exist on two main pillars:

  1. Investment in a fund with expected profit return
  2. Regulated by federal law that governs security

Security tokens offer a vast array of applications if a company abides by all the regulatory requirements. In this blog, we will be discussing how we utilized security tokens for property fractional ownership application for an Australian based startup.

Scope of Project

The listed property will be divided into multiple security tokens and ownership of the property will be claimed by security tokens holders. The number of security tokens against a specific property can be defined based on different features such as the area of the property or market valuation. The owners of the property (Security Tokens Holders) can sell their share of the property through the portal.

The rest of the blog talks about a proof of concept developed by blockchain experts at JTC for fractional property ownership. We use ERC-981 interface for this application and recorded transactions on Ethereum blockchain.

Step 1: Issuing Security Tokens for Property

It starts by representing property on blockchain platform by the property owner. Any user/owner can represent his property with property address and wallet address on the platform and issue N number of security tokens against specific property. The owner can also upload specific documents and images related to the property in the portal.

In the example below, Property owner John is issuing 1 Million Security tokens against his property addressed as “630/317 Castlereagh Street Sydney, NSW 2000“.

How to effectively raise funds and give partial ownership on blockchain

Issuing Security Token

How to effectively raise funds and give partial ownership on blockchain

Ethereum Transaction

How to effectively raise funds and give partial ownership on blockchain

Security Token Holders

Step 2: Selling Security Tokens

In the next step, the primary owner can distribute fractional ownership of the property to many people through security tokens. The portal allows the owner to sell any percentage of the ownership to any verified person through security tokens.

Continuing the above example, John wants to sell 50% ownership (500K Security Tokens) of the property to Marry. Through the portal, he can easily transfer 500K security tokens to Marry’s wallet.

How to effectively raise funds and give partial ownership on blockchain

Selling Ownership.

How to effectively raise funds and give partial ownership on blockchain

Ethereum Transaction.

Now John and Marry both share the 50% ownership in the property. Further, the portal allows John and Marry to sell their percentage of ownership to multiple people through the same process.

Updated Security Token Holders

Since blockchain guarantee that transactions once recorded cannot be tampered with, the software we built demonstrates how it can be used to list any property and raise funds and give partial ownership on the blockchain.

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