Blockchain Technology in Education Industry

Technology of Future Jan 15, 2019

Do you still have a copy of your first-grade transcripts with you? When you apply for higher studies, do your universities still asks you for your undergraduate university to send an official copy directly to them? Does your employer still ask for an official copy of the experience certificate from your last company?

There has not been a standard practice in the industry so far to issue, store and securely share a certificate. Every issuing authority maintained more or less an internal central database to capture this information and acted as the only source of truth.

How Blockchain Technology Is Helping The Education Industry?

Blockchain technology offers a solution to the education sector with the promises to provide cryptographically signed tamper-proof credentials that facilitate individuals the capacity to possess and share their own official records.

There has been a great initiative by folks from MIT (Blockcerts) that has built a standard of issuing and securing storing these certificate on Bitcoin or Ethereum based blockchain.

Moving forward with the same initiative, we designed an Ethereum Blockchain based Platform for issuing and storing these certificates.

What Is Cryptographically Signed Certificate?

Blockchain certificate is a digital document which is issued by an institute based on Ethereum transaction between issuing institute and recipient that includes the hash of the certificate itself.

For example, Adam (Recipient) will put a request for his digital certificate to Jalan Technology Consulting (Issuer) and the platform will create an Ethereum transaction between Adam and Jalan Technology Consulting and issue a certificate which contains the transaction ID for future verifications.

How we are helping pioneers in the education industry to bring a change using blockchain technology
How we are helping pioneers in the education industry to bring a change using blockchain technology

How Does Cryptographically Signed Certificate Work?

How we are helping pioneers in the education industry to bring a change using blockchain technology

Blockchain certificate ecosystem plays a key role between recipient and issuer and issue a blockchain certificate using issuer’s private key and store hash value in the metadata of the blockchain transaction (Ethereum) between issuer and recipient.

In the last few years, blockchain has shown multiple use cases but still, due to the complexity of the technology and functions in applications, many users found very difficult to utilize blockchain in their business use case.

Benefits of Blockchain Based Enterprise Solution

To keep this thought in our mind, we specially designed this simple blockchain based enterprise solution where any nontechnical user can get the full benefit of this new technology. In our system, we developed a centralized wallet system which completes all the blockchain processes on the behalf of recipient and issuer and issues a cryptographically signed tamper-proof certificate.

The recipient can share his blockchain certificate with anyone and platform also provide an option to share on any other social media networks also.

How we are helping pioneers in the education industry to bring a change using blockchain technology

In this article, we explained how we have developed a blockchain based application for issuing blockchain certificate without using specific recipients and issuer inputs. The application runs all the complex processes by itself which provide an insight that it is possible to develop an enterprise blockchain solution without bringing end users in the loop.

If you are interested to learn more about this application or see how we can build similar solutions for your organization, please reach out at


Mohit Kumar

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