Smart Energy Management Will Aid Building Sustainable Energy Provisioning Systems

Our Services Nov 15, 2022

Energy management in the modern world is a complex and demanding task. The demand for sustainable and socially responsible practices for organizational operations is rising, which calls for a shift towards decentralization, distributed energy provisioning models, and digital connectivity. Companies are mandated to train themselves and demonstrate an attempt to bring about radical change to their sustainability practices. Smart energy management practices can be instrumental in implementing these changes.

These changes and policy adoptions are often part of companies’ annual reports and are measured by various stakeholders to evaluate a company’s sustainable practices. Disclosure of environmental, social, and governance mechanisms in ESG reports has seen increased adoption globally. Gradually, more and more countries are mandating ESG reporting. A good ESG score is a crucial driver in government support, investor attractiveness, and social recognition.

Energy management in today’s volatile and complex world requires careful planning that takes into account socio-economic, political, technological factors. Continuous monitoring of energy usage presents an opportunity to assess historical data on facility use patterns as well as identify areas where improvements can be made such as metering or billing systems

Sustainable business practices are not a fad that companies can ignore, they are here to stay. Playing catch up as pressure to make changes intensifies could be costly. Being proactive and staying on top of climate change regulations will better protect your business as well as the earth. And adopting the right sustainable technology will be beneficial in the long run.

An energy audit can help companies lay out a technical report of conservation measures consisting of ideas, recommendations, and a roadmap with a timeline. A cost and benefit analysis and regulatory alignment can help build a robust energy management system that can sense, optimize, and act based on need.

The push for sustainable business practices is not just coming from consumers, but from the government as well. Climate change is a global issue that impacts everyone. With worsening conditions, the government has stepped in to motivate companies into climate action. As the Biden administration pushes to tackle the climate crisis with federal operations, companies can expect an influx of policies and regulations.

Sustainable business practices are not a fad that companies can ignore--they are here to stay! Playing catch up as pressure to make changes intensifies could be costly; being proactive and staying on top of climate change regulations will better protect your business.

Jalan Technology is also working towards this initiative from past 4 years and understood the importance and urgency of it. One of the initiatives of Jalan technologies is Omnimetic. Let’s talk about Omnimetic, what it is and how it is helping in smart energy management.

We all know the pain points of getting manual utility data collection and errors behind it. With all those pain points, one can access energy data easier than ever before. Omnimetic unlocks the power of utility invoice data and interval data by connecting to utility service providers, and delivering aggregated, normalized information to meet an organization’s exact utility data needs. Omnimetic simplifies how organizations access and use utility data, enabling you to focus on your business.

It can provide automated access to utility bills and interval data from utility providers. This can help meet data-driven efficiency goals and streamline energy data management. With a granular data view, systems can recognize the most effective opportunities and meet goals with ease.

Since Solar Installation Companies do not have accurate data of how much energy is being consumed by households, it gets difficult for them to quote correct proposals to their customer for solar installation. This is where utility data can help solar companies satisfy consumer demand. In an increasingly competitive climate, utility data may assist solar firms in gaining a competitive advantage and significantly enhancing their sales process and outcomes. Omnimetic is focused on simplifying utility data access through technology.

In order to meet today’s strict sustainability requirements, many organizations have turned to advanced energy management platforms to ensure their goals are met. As technology continues to advance rapidly, many legacy solutions are falling behind. It’s important to keep up with the market and understand the features that are necessary for your organization to be successful today.


Blossom Shrivastava

Product Manager

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