Top Apps Built With React Native in 2021

Business Insights Aug 04, 2021

React Native is being used worldwide by the developers for writing real, natively rendering mobile applications which are supported both on IOS and Android.

React Native is based on React. React is basically a JavaScript Library introduced by Facebook which is used for building user interfaces.

The basic difference between React and React Native is that React targets browsers while on the other hand React Native targets mobile platforms.

React Native is now being used to develop mobile applications that look and feel truly “Native” and is being loved by the developers because it has all the comforts of a JavaScript library that developers are already familiar with.

The thing that attracted the developers the most is the ability of React Native to make the simultaneous development for both iOS and android easy. The written code can be shared between platforms.

A hybrid of JavaScript and XML-Esque markup (JSX) is used to write React Native applications. The same hybrid is used to write React applications for the Web. The native rendering APIs in Objective-C (for iOS) or Java (for Android) are invoked by React Native.

The real mobile UI components will be used to render your application instead of web views. JavaScript interfaces are also being exposed by React Native for platform APIs so that platform features like phone cameras and user’s location can be accessed by React Native.

React Native has the ability to adapt to changes and expand to future platforms. It currently supports both iOS and android. The success of React Native is increasing every year and we are listing some of the most amazing and top-rated React Native apps of 2021.


Top Apps Built With React Native in 2021

On the top of our list is Bloomberg. This apps gives complete access to global business, finance news, and the stock market. Other than this, trending topics like forex, bitcoin, and stocks are also given comprehensive access.

It gives the user an option to monitor the user’s personal portfolio by customizing it. The user also receives continuous alerts on summarized financial and economical information and also the global stock positions. This information is more than enough to fulfill the needs of a financial professional.

The best app out there to get all the latest news regarding breaking financial news. and monitoring user’s stock portfolios. It provides all the information regarding finance and economics and is only a click away from everyone out there.


Some of the main features of the app are:

News: It keeps the user updated on all the trending and new stuff in the markets, finance market, technology, industry, and politics

Market Data: It provides the user with the latest market data on the user's customizable portfolio and it also provides data depending on the region user’s using the app, The data involves commodities, bonds, futures and equity indexes.

Watchlist: Easy tracking of the portfolio by adding security to your watchlist.

Video: Easy access to Bloomberg live television And that too without any need of a cable subscription of satellite or cable. Featured videos are also available for top news categories.

Audio: This app also provides the interviews of the smartest people out there in the field of business, economics, finance, and investment from our radio shows and podcasts.


Top Apps Built With React Native in 2021

One of the most popular apps for gamers to video call and live stream is discord also - one of the most-used apps of 2020 during the whole pandemic.

The discord was like a home to people sitting at home connecting with their friends and for the gaming community to stay in touch.

The users can have fun over text, voice calls, and video. The best place to go to with friends to spend the night together in the lockdown. Discords make it so easier for every person at home to hang out with his/her friends more often.

Discord servers help the users to share, collaborate and talk to each other without congestion and the discord servers do this by organising it into
topic-based channels.

The user does not need to make special calls to people. Instead of this the user just needs to grab a seat in the channel when the user is free and whenever your friend sees you in it he can just pop in to talk.

Low latency video and voice calls make the users feel like they are in the same room and are a very reliable tech for staying close.


• From drawing sessions to streaming games. From waving hellos to birthday wishes, discord offers everything. Users can also do drawing sessions on screen.

• Making your custom emojis from any images is super easy now with discord and users can share them with their friends.

• Any meme or any funny video can be shared with the latest groups and favourites can be pinned to remember later.


• Users can also organize a local book club or bring music fans around the globe together using custom moderation tools and permission levels.

• Moderators can be created and only special members can be given access to private channels and more.


Top Apps Built With React Native in 2021

A fast purely native app that made it very easy for the students to understand mathematics. Easier than ever before! The user can find mathematical expressions to find their own solutions to challenging math problems.

The best way to do maths is to do it by yourself and the best way to do it by yourself is to do it with Maphi!

Some of the topics that Maphi covers are:

- Arithmetic

- Variables

- Fractions

- Distributive Law

- Linear equations

The pro version contains the additional chapters:

- Rational equations with linear terms

- Systems of linear equations

- Powers

- Derivatives

- Integrals

The basis of Marphi is on an advanced computer algebra system which is enhanced for the ease of touch control and use. Immediate assistance is provided once you get stuck and it provides step-by-step guidance. The approach Maphi uses makes learning math an interesting and fun experience.

Office 356 Apps

Microsoft just loves React Native and most of the products and the apps that Microsoft offers are in React Native. Some of the Microsoft apps were rewritten recently in React native. We have also discussed some of the Microsoft apps below which were rewritten in react native.


Top Apps Built With React Native in 2021

The incredible app Skype connects you to your loved ones around the world. Aside from video conferencing, Skype allows you to send SMS messages to mobile thousands of kilometers away. The feature SMS Connect allows you to read the messages from your mobile using your computer.

Video calls: This feature will help you make memories with your loved ones no matter where they are in the world. You don’t have to stress over missing an important dinner with your family as this app will virtually connect you to the dining table. You can open presents on Christmas morning with your kids and see the joyful reactions despite not being in the same country as them.

Chat: Type away what your heart wants to tell the other person and your message will reach them in a matter of seconds. Mention someone using the @ feature and make plans with your friends and family by making a group chat.

SMS Connect: Use your Mac or PC and see/reply to the SMS messages on your phone. Even if your phone is on charging in the other room, you can reply to the texts from your computer.

Share: Share funny, emotional, and cute photos and videos with your friends and make their day better. You can also share your screen ad watch a movie together with your friends.

Voice calls: if you are not feeling pretty enough to video call, don’t worry at all, skype has your back. You can easily switch to voice calls and talk for hours with whoever is on the other side of the line.

Do you find it difficult to express yourself? Well now using the Giphy feature on the Skye you can send images and display your emotions easily.

Dynamics 365

Top Apps Built With React Native in 2021

This was written in React and was a very important business solution for the busy professionals who have to deal with customers while being productive at work and on the go. Notes, tasks, and attachments are updated. This app helps in arriving prepared for every meeting and for keeping the sales records.

Dynamics 365 provides the best tools for managing data and updating records to salespeople agents and supervisors. It provides both online and offline services. It only requires a single configuration and then it can be deployed everywhere.


• Completely new look and feel and it also has a compact layout and stacked elements, And it is also enhanced to give important information at a glance.

• Improved note-taking experience and accesses to device capabilities and the camera.

• User can be productive on the do with offline access with synchronization.

• From easy to use home page users activity, accounts and contacts can be accessed.

• Charts used for visually tracking progress of key performers.

• User can see the data most important to you in personalized views of grids and lists.

Microsoft Teams

Top Apps Built With React Native in 2021

Microsoft teams were rewritten in react in 2020 and is very useful if you are working on a project with your teammates.

Microsoft teams is the only app that has meetings, calendars, files, tasks, and chats all in one place which makes it very easy to stay connected to people and bring plans to life.

Microsoft teams helps teammates to work on projects together by giving them an environment in which they can do meetings, document collaboration, and built-in storage.

Easily connect with anyone:

• Microsoft teams provides a safe environment to meet friends and family in meetings. A video meeting can be set up in seconds, and everyone can be invited using a meeting link or a calendar invite.

• An option of 1-1 chatting or in groups is available for friends and colleagues. @mention notifies the people that they are being called and gets their attention.

•For important projects an option for a dedicated channel is also available which provides the user with a workspace.

• Group chat can be converted to video call in an instant and anyone can directly video call anyone.

• Sometimes you are out of words and what you need is an emoji or a GIF to express yourself and that problem was also solved by Microsoft teams.

Accomplish plans and projects together:

• To stay on top of the plans you made with your family and friends there is a task list in Microsoft teams. Tasks can be assigned through it, due dates can be set, and completed tasks are checked to keep every on the same page.

• File sharing is an important component if you are working as a team and teams provide this feature.

• Accessing shared documents and files on the go was made very easy by Microsoft using cloud storage.

• All the shared files, links, tasks, and content is neatly organised in the dashboard view and the user does not have to waste time looking for things.

• Whiteboard and screen share are the most essential tools Microsoft teams introduced to make meetings even more productive

Designed to give you peace of mind:

• While maintaining control over your data you can securely join forces with external partners for work assignments

• Important information can be saved in a digital safe.

•Provides enterprise-level security which is always expected from Microsoft.

Coinbase Pro

Top Apps Built With React Native in 2021

Coinbase Pro is a trading platform that is one of the fastest and most trusted by customers for the trading of cryptocurrencies.

Nowadays, people are more inclined towards modernization due to which they find the idea of decentralized currency appealing. Therefore, people have started investing in cryptocurrency which makes apps and platforms like Coinbase Pro very important and useful.

The app is built for advanced crypto traders, and it has all the necessary information and tools to trade on the go. Some of the main features it provides its users are:

Real-time candles, depth chart, order book

  1. Limit and market orders

2.  Advanced order form

3. Orders and portfolio overview

4. Native currency and crypto deposits/withdrawals

To make the app more efficient, the trading takes place very fast. The users can make a trade-in in seconds. It is one of the basic requirements because prices fluctuate a lot, and a little delay can cause a huge loss.

The feature of React Native called Fast Refresh is also used to get instant feedback for any changes in the React Components.

Coinbase offers a very reasonable fee structure. Fees range from 0 - 0.5% depending on the user’s trading volume and order type. The reasonable pricing has given them a boost in the competitive market.

Most of the coins that are traded are registered on Coinbase Pro and the users can buy and sell those cryptocurrencies through Coinbase pro.

Coinbase Pro also supports crypto to native currency trading pairs in some countries such as United States (USD), European Union (EUR), and United Kingdom (GBP). They also support crypto-to-crypto trading in 100+ countries.

The main purpose of shifting the app to React Native was the concept of Components in React and React Native.

Before doing so, they had to do a lot of code duplication for Android and iOS, and it was hard to maintain parity between the Android and iOS apps. React Native helped them to re-use the components and their business logic to ensure behavioral consistency between their apps.

The components were created at the very start of the project life cycle and then reused afterward whenever needed. This also helped in the development process as the engineers could use those components in parallel at the same time while developing the app.

Since the app works in more than 100 countries all over the world and deals with finances, it needs to be very secure.

React Native’s reliability, performance and security features are an answer to that and because of using React Native, Coinbase pro is able to maintain optimized, secure, and scalable flow across all of its platforms.


Top Apps Built With React Native in 2021

This amazing shopping app not only allows you to save your precious time but also saves your money. It is for this reason that it is an award-winning app.

One of the amazing features of the Walmart app is that it provides you with a way to list your purchased items and check off your shopping list. And you can do all that just by sitting at home.

You can either pick up your purchased items or get them delivered at our front doorstep. Now it is totally up to you, whether you want to go out to your nearest Walmart store and get your groceries or want to relax at home and get the stuff you require delivered at home.

Not only this but Walmart has its own personalized pharmacy which makes it super easy for the client to order a prescription or get a flu shot.

If you have the Walmart app you can also avail the member-only benefits which include a free shipping of the purchased items.

This benefit is available if the shipping is done within two days of the purchase. Another benefit is that there is no policy of minimum purchase limit. But you do need to pay for the shipping of oversized objects.

So, whatever you are shopping for, rather it is home appliances, electronics, or other stuff, you will have the advantage of unlimited free delivery. The fresh foods are delivered within the same hour of purchase or anytime during the same day.

The Walmart Murphy stations are present at over 1,500 convenient locations and you can save money on fuel if you are a member.


Top Apps Built With React Native in 2021

Artsy is the biggest commercial platform to look for fine arts and their purchase is focused on connecting the artists with the collectors.

Artsy provides you with live bidding and selling artworks from galleries around the world. This was developed in react native in 2020 and is now the biggest platform hosting million of users without even going down.

Connect with the galleries and artists you like to get personalized suggestions by following them.

· Receive notifications when your desired artists or galleries have something new.

· Lookup for specific artists or artworks.

· Get suggestions based on your liked artists.

Art Purchase.

Artsy has all kinds of artists from beginners to established well-knowns.

· Having association with over 3000+ galleries, 80+ art fairs and leading auction houses of the world makes Artsy the number 1 marketplace for art.

· Easy to make purchases with transparency.

· Unparalleled availability of famous in-demand works from around the world.

Trade Personal Artworks.

Artsy provides you a platform to sell from your own collection.

· Fast estimation is provided by the app.

· All-digital selling requires just a simple photo of your art and a few details.

· Bidders from all around the world help in giving maximum bids.

· Free-shipping which is one of the most important features and lower fees to help you earn more.

Bid on In-demand arts.

Online auctions for you to bid for the hottest in-demand artwork.

· Find the best auctions for you and the collector's favourites as well.

· Receive notification whenever your followed artist puts an auction.

· Make your live bid and let the app do the work for you.

Market Insights

Get the latest news and information about the market and its trends.

· Follow artists and careers by observing the market trends and auction results.

· Know the right time for art purchase.


The popularity of React Native is growing day by day.Developers are working on it unleashing the potential of this great framework. With this list of Apps, we hope you have seen how exciting the framework could be.

What’s the biggest thing you’re struggling with right now that we as a technology consulting company can help you with? Feel free to reach out to us at We hope our assistance will help!



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